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Fine Art Paintings and Photography

Copyright 2018-2024 Karen Conger. All Rights Reserved.

© 2018-2024 by Karen Conger. All rights reserved.

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Photo - Tennessee Walking Horse Eyes - 01292024_edited.jpg
Poolside Dog and Blue Reflections_edited.jpg
Photo - Perfectly Poised Senior Puppies 01292024_edited_edited.jpg

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Photo horse eyes

Title: Tennessee Walking Horse Eyes

(Unedited Photo)
Medium: Fine Art Photography


(Prints and Gift Ideas)

Any horse owner knows that horses see within your soul. It is a sentiment expressed in ancient Latin works and in the Bible.

I combined three of my best photographs of our three Tennessee Walking Horses' eyes and formatted it as a black and white print. It captures the essence of their personalities and they will remain in my heart forever.

Title: Poolside Dog and Blue Reflections

(Digital Abstract)

Medium: Digital Art Abstract - Print


(Prints and Gift Ideas)

Digital Art from my reference photograph of my rescue dog Cinnamon. I play a lot with colors and abstract variations when refining my digital photographs and suddenly this appeared. Art is always a happy accident for me when it is really good. It takes me a lot to get there but I am always astonished when something magical happens that stirs my emotions and I know that is it! This reminded me of her looking whimsically at the pool when she wants to go in. So, I stopped. This is it! It is every dog in some way.

Digital abstract blue dog
Photo dogs on rug

Title: Perfectly Poised Senior Puppies

(Unedited Photo)

Medium: Fine Art Photography


(Prints and Gift Ideas)

Our two rescue puppies Copper and Cinnamon are seniors now but they will always be puppies to me. This pose is typical of their good behavior when they see me with the camera.

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