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Copyright 2018-2024 Karen Conger. All Rights Reserved.

© 2018-2024 by Karen Conger. All rights reserved. - Copyright © 2018-2024 Karen Conger, Artist. All rights reserved.
Paris Courtyard (Digital Pen)


Title: Paris Courtyard

Medium: Digital Fine Art - Black and White

Available for Purchase

(Great gift ideas with multiple options)


The calm and beauty of this peaceful cobblestone courtyard became even more tranquil and peaceful in black and white. It is a peaceful dream and the greatest thing is hopping on that bicycle and enjoying the low thumping sound as I glide off on the cobblestone streets.


Digital photography sets the foundation but it is soon forgotten with each stroke of the digital pen as the art comes to life. It takes great patience and time to do this and I find myself spending more time with digital art than I ever imagined I would have the patience to do. I love seeing the fine art emerging!

Paris Courtyard

Digital Fine Art - Black and White

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