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About the Artist

Fine Art Paintings and Photography

Copyright 2018-2024 Karen Conger. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2018-2024 Karen Conger. All Rights Reserved.

About the Artist
Karen Conger

Promoting social change as an artist to develop social awareness and support for endangered wildlife conservation programs and domestic pet programs.

About Me:

I showcase endangered wildlife with my art to bring attention and awareness to the many conservation efforts in place to protect these wonderful and beautiful animals. Painting galleries at are designed to actively promote social awareness and support for endangered wildlife conservation programs and domestic pet programs.

My art combines realism and abstract expressionism artistic styles to create unique and thought-provoking pieces. I specialize in traditional media (soft pastel, ink, colored pencil), digital fine art paintings, and my own collection of unedited photographs, as well as customized paintings and prints from your reference photographs.

I integrated my artistic skills throughout most of my professional career as a research consultant (see through online and onsite painting workshops and certifications. This began with illustration certification as a young adult through Art Instruction Inc in Minneapolis. Since that time, I have refined my artistic skills using traditional fine art media through coursework at London Art College and on-site workshops in Surrey, England; American Academy of Equine Art at Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington; Scottsdale Artists School in AZ; portraiture drawing at University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, and multiple online courses and tutorials. I actively pursue and update my traditional painting media and digital technology skills with Wacom technology, and fine art software, and whatever else is needed to refine my artwork.

Wildlife realism art has become one of my favorite genres. Once I knew what I wanted to focus on, I sought early training from renowned and practical experts in traditional and digital art media such as Eric Wilson and Aaron Blaise. Eric Wilson, a successful and renowned wildlife artist in Great Britain, was instrumental in refining the patience and skills I needed to soften and explore realistic wildlife details in traditional art media. Aaron Blaise, an American painter, animator, film director and art instructor including wildlife animation, provided great inspiration through his wildlife coursework using Wacom creative display panels. That training helped me develop the skills needed to successfully use technology to interpret pixelated content from reference photographs without sacrificing originality and authenticity for realism art. The use of Wacom technology has provided that capability and has also inspired my interest with abstract expressionism art, but I am devoted to realism with digital as well as traditional pastel.

My digital art paintings are completed using Wacom products including Mobile StudioPro, and Wacom Cintiq creative pen displays Pro 27 and Pro 24 with PhotoShop. My work is my own. I use reference photos (purchased or personal) but the final product is a complete painting with nothing showing through or copied! My main sources are glossy prints that I look at while I paint. They give me the animal I seek and I always start with the eyes. From then on, I 'know' the animal and why it should be protected. I make the eyes what I want to look at while I'm painting, so my wild beasts are not always that wild. Their eyes are amazing! I do not paint ferociousness; I paint nature and the vigilance we all need to survive without being predatory.

I will continue to upload additional print quality fine art paintings and photographs. If you have something in mind, please contact me! Let's create something together! 


Contact Me

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661.619.5288 (Pacific Time)

Karen Conger, Artist

Thank you for contacting! I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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